In the third Gartner Annual Tech CEO Survey, 2021, tech CEOs cited customer acquisition as the most important initiative to the success of their organization. Tech CEOs view market expansion as a solution to customer acquisition.

Decisions surrounding market expansion are some of the most complex choices tech CEOs have to make. Committing to and executing a market expansion strategy involves careful consideration of a multitude of critical paths and options.

Most markets have potential; however, some offer a greater opportunity to exploit in relation to risk. It is up to the tech CEO to recognize the dynamics of these opportunities, as well as decide if and how to execute on market expansion. 

Tech CEOs must recognize the factors related to market expansion that will most heavily affect their attempts and focus on the decisions that will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

This collection of research will help tech CEOs make informed decisions and enable them to improve market research, competitive intelligence, segmentation and positioning, and routes to market strategies.

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