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Albert Torres

Sr Principal Analyst

Albert Torres is a Sr. Principal Analyst in Gartner's Sales practice.

Mr. Torres works in the Gartner sales practice as an expert analyst focused on sales operations and sales analytics. The scope of coverage includes using sales analytics to develop data driven decision making tools and applying analytics to improve sales processes.

Other areas of focus include data literacy improvement amongst sales staff, BI tool development and pipeline health managment.

Previous experience

Mr. Torres has 8 years of experience in sales operations and sales management roles. Additionally, he has experience with sales analytics, sales systems, pipeline management, business intelligence (BI) tools and financial analysis.

Mr. Torres has worked at firms such as S&P Global and CBRE in worldwide and national-level sales operations roles. He directly supported sales teams and sales leadership by reporting on pipeline health, providing whitespace analysis and developing insightful B

Professional background

S&P Global

Sales Operations Analyst

alliantgroup lp

Project Operations Analyst


Sales Analyst

Areas of coverage

Sales Operations


M.S., Business Analytics, University of Houston

B.S., High Honors, Economics, University of Houston

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Developing actionable sales analytics

2Improving BI tool usage

3Building data-driven business decisions

4Improving data literacy amongst sales teams

5Designing analytics that aligns with sales operations

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