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Anita Vila-Parrish

Research Director

Anita Vila-Parrish is a Research Director in the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain group. Dr. Vila-Parrish's focus is on the pharmacy supply chain, supply chain analytics and inventory - all from the perspective of the healthcare provider. This involves the impact of these process improvements on patient outcomes due to a more efficient delivery of care.

Roles and responsibility

Head of Supply Chain (Chief, VP, Director)


VP/Director of Materials

VP/Director of Purchasing

VP/Director of Planning

VP/Director of Logistics

Previous experience

Dr. Vila-Parrish has over 15 years of experience in consulting, research and product development settings. Her most recent roles involved managing and conducting original, applied research projects focused on the use of healthcare data to improve supply chains, logistics and delivery. During this time, she also worked as a Consultant, where she developed methods and analytical tools to evaluate supply chain and logistics models for medication inventory management within hospital pharmacies.

Prior to her experience in healthcare, she worked for Dell Computers, where she was a new products operations and manufacturing lead for over 10 global product launches, primarily in Dell's laptop line of business.

Professional background

North Carolina State University

Teaching Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Program

Dell Computers

New Product Operations Engineer

Areas of coverage

Design and Align the Supply Chain Strategy (retired)

Optimize End-to-End Supply Chain Performance (retired)

Supply Chain and Operations Trends and Innovation (retired)


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University

M.A., Concentration in Operations Research, Duke University

M.E., Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University

B.S., Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do I create a patient-driven supply chain process?

2How can I use analytics/data to optimize my healthcare supply chain strategies?

3How can I use analytics to support patient care?

4What are the healthcare supply chain metrics that matter to me?

5How can healthcare supply chain process improvements align with overall business strategies?

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