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Brian Blau

Research VP

Brian Blau focuses his research on personal technologies and markets. His advice covers technical and business strategies as they relate to important and popular topics, including consumer social networks, the video game market, mobile apps, consumer ecosystems, wearable devices and apps, virtual reality and augmented reality, personal drones, and many other app, services, technologies and go-to-market strategies. He also provides advice about using personal technologies in IT.

Roles and responsibility

Vendors: Product leaders and designers, business development and strategy, corporate communications, strategic planner, CTO, founder, entrepreneur

End Users: CIO, product development, strategic planner

Investors: Partners and directors, market research, decision makers

Previous experience

Mr. Blau has previously held diverse technical and leadership positions in the computer graphics, games and social networking companies. He has made significant contributions in the areas of technology-driven in-game advertising, developer-supported social networks, and visual simulation and animation tools. He also has extensive software development experience as a software development manager and developer advocate, as well as a startup founder and business manager.

Mr. Blau was an early VRML pioneer and helped establish early network-based 3D tools and technologies. In addition, he has produced trade and technical conferences, including the Electronic Theater, and other major venues at the annual SIGGRAPH conferences. He also has judged art shows and film festivals, has been published, and likes to give industry talks.

Professional background

Double Fusion

Director of Developer Relations

Bluerock Technologies



Software Development Manager

Areas of coverage

Maximize Personal Technology Platforms to Shape User Experiences (retired)


M.S., Computer Science, University of Central Florida, 1990

B.S., Computer Science, University of Central Florida, 1988

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Vendors: Go-to-market and strategy advice on mobile apps, consumer devices, social networks, video games, wearables, connected home, 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), HMD

2Vendors: Help personal technology vendors navigate complex market and customer behavior challenges

3IT Leaders: Strategy advice on external (consumer) mobile apps and services

4IT Buyers: Buying, integrating and deploying augmented reality, virtual reality, HMD and immersive technologies

5Investors: Understand the landscape and public companies in major coverage areas such as social networking, mobile apps, media, AR and VR

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