Gartner Expert

Bridget S. Randolph

Sr Client Success Manager

Bridget Randolph serves Gartner Executive Programs (ExP) members as part of ExP Member Service Delivery in North America. In this role, Ms. Randolph provides direction and support, leveraging Gartner's knowledge base and research to help CIOs successfully address IT challenges and mission-critical priorities. Ms. Randolph brings an abundance of Gartner experience in research and advisory roles to the ExP members she supports.

Previous experience

Prior to joining ExP, Ms. Randolph held several positions at Gartner since joining the company in 1989. Her last position was in Gartner's Electronic Workplace. In this role, she used her knowledge base of core topics, vendors, products and research in the areas of document management, decision support, the internet, multimedia and advanced technologies to facilitate client inquiry.

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