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Bruce Robertson

Distinguished VP, Advisory

Bruce Robertson is a Research Distinguished Vice President Advisor in Gartner's CIO Research group, covering a wide range of CIO key initiatives. His particular depth from past analyst research roles includes changing people's mindset and behavior in IT and across the business. Mr. Robertson also focuses on emerging innovative methods and best practices including the change leadership tactics and capabilities that inspire and engage people on any needed transformational journey. With these, CIOs can lead digital business transformation and build a culture ready for anything. Furthermore, he works with clients to help an increasingly agile IT to engage the business with digital design business practices including design thinking and lean startup, and this is an increasingly common target for digital business transformation efforts. His expertise areas include digital design, process thinking, change leadership, high-performance teams and culture dynamics, the people and process side of digital business transformation.

Previous experience

Mr. Robertson has more than 25 years of experience in end-user IT areas, including process, architecture and infrastructure planning and research functions. He joined Gartner in April 2005 with the acquisition of Meta Group. Before joining Meta Group in 1995, he was Senior Technology Editor at Network Computing Magazine, a Technology Consulting Firm Director and an IT Manager.

Professional background

CMP Publications, Manhasset, New York

Senior Technology Editor, Network Computing Magazine

Interconnect Network Consulting Group

Director, Consulting Services

BRS/Saunders Colleague

Systems Manager

Areas of coverage

CIO Leadership of Innovation, Disruptive Trends and Emerging Practices

CIO Leadership of Technology Talent, Culture and DEI

CIO Leadership of Strategy, Governance and Operating Models

IT Cost Optimization, Finance, Risk and Value

CIO Executive Leadership Development


B.A., English, Columbia University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Culture and change leadership - the people side of change

2Methods for driving digital business innovation and transformation including design thinking and lean startup and process thinking

3Creating high-performance teams

4Evolving the IT operating model from service to digital product management

5Taking value beyond cost-efficiency to customer and employee experience