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Sr Director Analyst

CK Lu is a part of the Technology Product Management team based in Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Lu helps Gartner clients with the challenges of product development processes with a focus on disruption theme. As technologies are rapidly available in a faster cycle, it becomes essential for product managers to effectively form a disruption strategy against competition. He also leads researches on APAC digital disruptors, such as Alibaba and Tencent, who are evolving into a ecosystem play through digital business, and their disruption to traditional enterprises. Mr. Lu supports Gartner clients to grow, evolve and innovate their businesses related to devices, artificial intelligence and fintechs.

Previous experience

Most recently, Mr. Lu was at Motorola where, as a Program Manager, he supported product introductions to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other South-East Asian countries. Prior to this, he spent time with HTC supporting several large accounts, including Vodafone and Qtek. Earlier in his career, he worked with Liteon as Smartphone Project Manager.

Professional background


Asia Regional Project Manager


Commercialization Program Manager


Project Manager

Areas of coverage

Product Strategy and Launch for Tech CEOs

Product Introduction

Product Life Cycle Management

Strategize Long-Term Growth

Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact on Products and Services


M.S., Management, University of Florida

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Technology Product and Service Vendors: Helping them with their product/marketing strategy

2IT Leaders: Identify and evaluate the opportunity of new technology, product and market

3Technology Product and Service Vendors: Understanding technology trends and directions, where and how to invest

4Investors: Device/Semiconductor industry

5IT Leaders: Digital business and digital disruptions, and how to monetize the opportunities brought by digital