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Claudio Da Rold

Distinguished VP Analyst

Claudio Da Rold is a Distinguished VP Analyst in Gartner Research. He's part of the Infrastructure and Communications Service team of the Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management group.

His coverage includes two related areas: Dynamic sourcing strategies within client organizations (how to achieve business objectives faster, by an agile approach to outsourcing and external services), and IT infrastructure services market industrialization and digitalization (how the infrastructure service market evolves, and how this impacts service providers and their business and delivery models).

In the first area, Mr. Da Rold is an expert on bimodal and dynamic sourcing strategies and models, including joint ventures and consortia; he has developed approaches for 90 days agile outsourcing deals, building a dynamic sourcing strategy encompassing IT and business process services; and has supported the decision-making process for sourcing strategies in major organizations across Europe and internationally.

The research on infrastructure sourcing strategy is associated to a very practical and effective approach to the agile selection of infrastructure and platform managed service contract: "Kill Your RFP and Negotiate an Infrastructure Service Deal in 90 Days" and "How to Select a Global Infrastructure Service Provider in 90 minutes" that gets updated yearly.

In the second area, Mr. Da Rold anticipated the outsourcing and service market industrialization trend, drove the research on hybrid infrastructure managed services (HIMS) and has developed the operational and CSAT metrics for best in class digital platform managed service providers.

He has the leading role for the Global Magic Quadrant for data-center outsourcing, HIMS and participates in the Magic Quadrant for managed workplace services in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Previous experience

Mr. Da Rold has 35 years of experience in IT, as a researcher and in both technical and management positions, with a particular focus on the use of technology to provide services and solutions. His experience spans data center management, distributed systems, document management, project and service management, outsourcing deals and models, and related economics and strategic implications.

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Da Rold was with EDS in Italy, where he was responsible for presale and postsale activities in the infrastructure outsourcing sector. In the first EDS acquisition in Italy (S&M Group), he was responsible for an innovation and technology team. In his previous position at Finsiel, Mr. Da Rold was responsible for the operation and data security team in an outsourcer data center. Prior to that, he was a researcher on applied statistics.

Professional background


Outsourcing Service Manager, Outsourcing Presale Support Manager


Data Center Operations and Security Team Manager

Mining S.P.A.


Areas of coverage

IT Services and Solutions


Bachelor's Degree, Engineering, University of Rome

One-Year Stage in Geological, Mining and Industrial Processes Evaluation Through Computer Simulation at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris - Centre de Recherche en Morphologie Matematique et Geostatistique de Fontainebleau

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

190 days agile outsourcing deals and competitive solution and contract co-design

2Dynamic Sourcing Strategy and execution

3IT sourcing strategy, outsourcing decisions, IT sourcing models

4IT services industrialization, bimodal strategies for service providers

5Data center managed services, data center outsourcing, Hybrid Infrastructure Manager Services