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Darryl Jamieson

Content Information Manager

Darryl Jamieson is an Associate Principal Analyst in the Cloud Decisions Research & Automation (CDRA) team within the Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) group.

Mr Jamieson currently performs research on Data Management Solutions such as Cloud Data Stores and Data Catalogs for inclusion in Cloud Decisions, which helps clients to evaluate and compare cloud services with detailed technical information.

Previous work involved maintaining the Gartner Competitive Profiles and Gartner Technology Planner tools, specifically in the storage and networking areas.

Mr. Jamieson joined Gartner in 2016 and is based in Hornsby, Australia.

Previous experience

Mr. Jamieson's background includes software development, audio streaming and radio broadcast solutions, system administration.

Professional background

Oliver's Real Food

Software Developer


Web Developer/Technical Support

Areas of coverage

Data Management Solutions for Technical Professionals


Diploma in Software Development

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