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David W. Cearley

Distinguished VP Analyst

David Cearley is a Vice President and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Research and is a leading authority on information technology. As a member of Gartner Research, Mr. Cearley analyzes emerging and strategic business and technology trends and explores how these trends shape the way individuals and companies derive value from technology. As a member of the Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation research group, he focuses on cloud computing, emerging and strategic technology trends, and how enterprises establish technology innovation programs.

Roles and responsibility

CIO, CTO, Technology Planners, Strategists, Architects, Developers

Previous experience

Mr. Cearley's expertise spans software architectures and standards, component software models, application design, the internet, business-IT alignment, and the IT services market. He has worked with a wide range of end-user and vendor organizations assisting in strategy creation, technology selection, implementation planning and organizational development. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Cearley held various senior-level research positions at Meta Group. Before that, he was vice president of R&D for Revelation Technologies, served as program director at Gartner Group, and held various managerial/director-level positions at Innovative Software and Informix.

Professional background

Meta Group

Senior Vice President & Principal Analyst

Revelation Technologies

Vice President, Research & Development


Director, Product Management

Areas of coverage

Cloud Computing

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Leaders

Build and Market Cloud-Based Offerings (retired)

Technology Innovation

Building a Sustainable Innovation Process and Culture (retired)


B.S., Finance and Economics, Rockhurst University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Trendspotting - Identifying the trends that shape the future of digital business

2Emerging and strategic technologies and trends

3Innovation labs and innovation program

4Developing cloud computing strategies

5Establishing a process to evaluate cloud computing opportunities