Gartner Expert

Deborah Kish

Sr Principal Analyst

Deborah Kish is a Principal Analyst in the Security Research team, in the Gartner Technology and Service Provider domain. In this role, Ms. Kish looks broadly across the data security marketplace and a deeper look across the market, including DLP and DCAP tools. She identifies growth patterns, market sizes and changes in competitive landscapes due to emerging trends and end-user needs. This allows her to speak with security product providers and investors worldwide about security issues and market movements. Adjacent markets that impact her core coverage include user entity and behavior analytics and AI/ML.

Roles and responsibility

VP of Strategy

Chief Technology Officer

VP of Marketing and Marketing Communications

Product Marketing

Product Managers


Analyst or Press Relations

Previous experience

Prior to her current role, Ms. Kish covered emerging technologies in carrier network infrastructure, including switching, signaling and security, for 17 years.

Professional background



Areas of coverage

Security and Risk Management Leaders

Security of Applications and Data


Fairfield University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Vendors: Strategic positioning of security vendors for data security solutions

2Vendors: How to identify strategic partnerships?

3Vendors: What are the major trends in end-user spending in security?

4Vendors: Identifying addressable market for security equipment and opportunities

5Vendors: What are the adjacent technology markets?