Gartner Expert

Diana Petrosyan

Sr Data Analytics Engineer

Diana Petrosyan is part of the Cloud Decisions Quality and Data Collection team.

Mrs. Petrosyan's research focuses primarily on public cloud services (IaaS, CDN and DNS), features, pricing, benchmarks and performance analysis (Cloud Decisions tool) as well Solution Scorecards for IaaS + PaaS documents. Areas of coverage also included Solution Comparison for Global-based Colocation Providers. Previously, she was part of the Ideas International research team (Servers' group), which maintained the Gartner Technology Planner for Technical Professionals (GTP4TP) and Ideas Competitive Profiles offerings.

Previous experience

In her previous job, Mrs. Petrosyan worked as a software and firmware black-box quality assurance engineer. She has covered testing of validity biometric sensors, as well as testing of various plug-ins for publishing secure digital content.

Professional background

Hitegrity LLC

QA Engineer

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