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Hema Nair

Sr Director Analyst

Hema is a Research Analyst helping leaders globally in software engineering and navigating SDLC with the evolution of technology trends.

Hema is an accomplished software engineering expert with a distinguished background in both academia and industry.

Her decade-long tenure at IBM involved working in various roles from quality research to secure engineering to continuous engineering. She drove initiatives like building-in security in IBM's Analytics portfolio, building with a data driven approach to quality and support management and helped drive significant reduction in exposure to third-party application breaches and increased customer confidence in IBM's cloud and SaaS technologies.

Over the past 6 years, Hema has served as a senior technology consultant, working with C-suite leaders, helping start-ups and industry leaders such as McAfee, Escher, iDirect, to improve their product quality, customer adoption, and retention, code instrumentation techniques to understand behavior. Her data analytics expertise enabled her to identify bottlenecks impacting customer usage and produce valuable product feedback, roadmaps, and product recommendations. She also conducted extensive market and competitive analysis, which helped clients identify feature gaps and stay ahead of the competition.

Hema's academic background includes a Ph.D. in computer science and an impressive track record of 15+ patent grants and over 20 conference and journal publications in software engineering, cloud computing and software quality. As an expert in agile methodologies, she specializes in coaching numerous organizations to optimize operations and foster innovation.

Her current focus is on Agile Development Practices and Metrics, Product-Centric Development, Continuous Quality & Testing, Software Testing Strategies, Requirements Engineering, Use Cases for AI in Testing.

She is also exploring ways to navigate the use of generative AI in Software development, Testing and Support.

Previous experience

- Technology consultant working with C-Suite leaders solving the business and technology problem

- Leadership role at IBM for 10 years, in all new innovation solutions, including first SaaS application, Mashups etc.

- Teaching practitioners software engineering - building in security, privacy and quality in software

- Volunteer in teaching 'girls how to code, and design thinking'

Professional background


Senior Continuous Engineering Leader, Secure Engineering Leader

Tufts University

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Practitioners

San Jose State University

Adjunct Faculty teaching graduating seniors

Areas of coverage

CSP Digital Transformation and Innovation

CIO Technology and Innovation Leadership

Customer Service and Support Technology

Software Engineering Practices

Software Engineering Leadership


Ph.D. In Computer Science, North Carolina State University

Expertise in Software Engineering, Continuous Software Quality, Secure Engineering, Advanced Algorithms; Statistics and Data Modeling.

MBA, Eberly College of Business

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Software Engineering Practices for Leaders

2Software Quality with Customer Retention and Adoption

3Data Instrumentation to Improve Metrics

4Software Test Strategies

5Any challenges in software engineering practices to enhance privacy, quality in enterprise products