Gartner Expert

Jeremy Strozer

Managing Vice President

Jeremy Strozer leads a component of the Infrastructure and Operations GTP Team.

Previous experience

Mr. Strozer previously provided thought leadership and shared his team's empirical research about strategic risks to individuals, organizations, and countries.

As an instructor, researcher, and adviser he led the development and institutionalization of research into the nexus between the external and internal threat. He headed the research on the motivation of external threat actors, their means of socially engineering trusted insiders, and actions organizations can take to reduce the likelihood of unintentional insiders opening the cyber doors to the kingdom. And advised and assisted organizations in the creation and refinement of programs to protect against existential threats. And created and delivered training on how to protect against existential threats.

As a Cyber Intelligence Program Manager Mr. Strozer, developed and led a program to empower the private sector in global cyber situational awareness by establishing a private sector coalition of twenty Fortune 100 companies to provide analytic conclusions of network anomalies to our cyber intelligence lab. He built a highly trained analytic team to leverage commercial and intelligence community best practices, tools, and methodologies. He created an iterative and evolving best practices capture process for multi-source intelligence analysis, analytics, and analytic methodology to enhance private sector and government capabilities to conduct cyber intelligence.

Professional background

Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering

Senior Member of the Technical Staff - Exo-Endoparacologist


Director of International Security Programs

Computer Sciences Corporation

Director of Research

Areas of coverage

IT Operations and Cloud Management for Technical Professionals

Data Center Infrastructure for Technical Professionals

Integration Architecture and Platforms for Technical Professionals


Master's, International Security Policy

Bachelor's, International Affairs

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Preparing for Cyberwar

2Balancing the national autarky of the future internet

3Preparing for disruption and disaster

4Disaster Response

5Insider Threat