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Jim Burton

Sr Principal Analyst

Jim Burton is a member of the Interactive Research Group in the Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research organization. Mr. Burton has a deep background in servers and other forms of computing infrastructure. He specializes in data center infrastructure with a specialty in computing infrastructure, such as servers, integrated systems and hyperconverged integrated systems. He works on tools such as Gartner Competitive Profiles, Gartner Technology Planner and Gartner Cloud Decisions. Most of the work on the tools is performed in Australia and he is the only U.S. employee in the Interactive Research Groups. As a result, he handles many of the inquiries and questions that come in from North and South America, plus Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Previous experience

Previously, Mr. Burton was a Senior Director Analyst covering IT service management (ITSM). He has ten years of experience in the implantable medical device industry and 34 years of experience in the technology industry, primarily with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Other than data center, his skills include mechanical design, hardware engineering, metallurgy, biomedical engineering, product management, marketing, high performance computing (HPC), and manufacturing engineering. He came to Gartner through the Ideas International acquisition in June 2012.

Professional background

Ideas International, Inc.

VP and Senior Analyst


Senior Server Competitive Analyst


Competitive Analyst - UNIX Systems Division

Areas of coverage

Cloud Computing for Technical Professionals

Data Center Infrastructure for Technical Professionals


B.E., Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, Vanderbilt University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Integrated Systems and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

2Computing Infrastrcuture Life Cycles

3Emerging Computing Technology

4The Future of Computing

5Selecting Cloud Vendors