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Jo Karajanov

Sr Director Analyst

Senior Director Analyst with a focus on executive leadership in large scale digital business organisations.

Previous experience

Wrote technology strategy and strategically oversaw a

team with functions across EA and EI, product, R&D, UX management, innovation management, and research. Authored a digital transformation programme with a focus on

operational, technological and cultural discrepancies between current and desired

state using scientific methods and data-driven approaches. Co-built and directed an MSc programme in Applied Data Science. Focused on bringing different parts of the organisation together and

indirectly educating them on the topic of applying AI. Translating AI ideas into products and

solutions as well as preparing roadmaps for implementing transformation projects

for the university.

Co-designed and implemented an "AI Lab" for the university.

Professional background

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management gGmbH

Chief Information Officer

efiport GmbH

Acting Managing Director

Cologne University of Applied Sciences


Areas of coverage

Education Digital Transformation and Innovation

Executive Leadership: Digital Business

Future of Work Reinvented Resource Center

CIO Executive Leadership Development

Executive Leadership: Leadership Dynamics


MBA (Distinction) - University of East London

Certificate Machine Learning and Data Science - Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Designing effective organisations for successful digital business

2Product-centric policies, strategies and operations

3Executive Leadership in technology-first companies

4Applied science for Business Model generation and renewal