Gartner Expert

Keith Andes

Manager, Team Manager - R&A

"Very few people and organizations know why they do what they do." -Simon Sinek

We have the opportunity to be the stewards of life on Earth. People are inspiring, ingenious, innovative, and caring. When we come together under a shared purpose, it's incredible what we can accomplish. And that's why I do what I do.

I work at Gartner to help find the story of a brighter future. For the last several years, Gartner has enabled me with unique exposure to market needs and org strategy. I provided insight to department managers, CIO's, CMO's and CEO's on on a daily basis. Today I support Gartner's Global Talent lab, where we find and develop the next generation of talent - people who are positioned to shape the future.

Outside of work, I enthusiastically follow the environmental, space, energy, and transportation markets.

Previous experience

In his prior role, Keith was a Research Analyst within Gartner's IT Service Experience team. He covered the ITSM tools market with a focus on SaaS contracting. He helped customers with ITSM tool selection decisions, evaluating Virtual Support Agents, and improving negotiation results with ServiceNow.

Prior to Gartner, he held service/operations/management positions in various industries.

Professional background


Principal Analyst

Merrill Lynch

Officer; Sr Resource Support Specialist


Lead Coordinator


B.B.A., Business Management, University of North Florida

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1ITSM tool market: ITSM vendor selection, ITSM licensing models, ITSM vendor relationships & negotiation

2Virtual Support Agent solutions - how are these solutions evolving and should I invest in them? What's available on the market?