Gartner Expert

Kenshi Tazaki

VP Analyst

Kenshi Tazaki is a vice president in Gartner Research. He tracks enterprise network and related managed and IT services in Japan, including voice, data, Internet, and data center services.

Roles and responsibility

Multinational Companies (CIO, I&O managers, Data Center managers, Networking managers), Telecom Carriers' Enterprise BU (Managers for BU/Strategy Planning/Product/Sales & Marketing), Networking Vendors' Telecom BU (same as above),

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Tazaki held management positions in the planning and development of software and hardware products for information network systems at Fujitsu Limited. Before this assignment, he was responsible for the research and development of network systems architecture at Fujitsu Laboratories Limited. He also has experience in the areas of fiber optic LANs, multiplexers, fast-packet switching networks, and multimedia communications servers.

Professional background

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited

Senior Engineer

Fujitsu Limited

Section Manager

Areas of coverage

Market & Competitive Intelligence Management

Infrastructure and Operations Leaders

Exploit CSP Market Dynamics (retired)

Planning, Sourcing and Managing Network Infrastructure (retired)

Data Center Infrastructure


B.S., Electronic Engineering, Sophia University, Tokyo

M.S., Electronic Engineering, Sophia University, Tokyo

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are technology trends in enterprise network/data cente service market?

2What does network/data cente service provider landscape look like in Japan?

3How to evaluate and select the network and data center service providers?

4How can carriers compete successfully in enterprise market?

5What are the new revenue/service opportunities in enterprise networking?