Gartner Expert

May Keffer

Sr Specialist, Advisory

May Keffer is an Advisor with Gartner’s marketing practice, where she supports clients in confidently making key decisions and executing on critical initiatives. She equips marketing leaders and their teams with strategic guidance, actionable insights, and benchmarking data to help them address challenges and drive functional excellence. Her core areas of focus include personalization, advertising, and messaging channels and formats.

Previous experience

Previously, Ms. Keffer worked across the Marketing and Customer Experience Advisory teams, partnering with clients in both practices and leveraging research from each program to address a broad range of client challenges.

Professional background

Penn Schoen Berland

Market Research Associate on the Public Affairs Team

Atlantic Media

Marketing Associate

Areas of coverage

Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

Customer Acquisition and Retention


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Media Studies from the University of Virginia.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Building a high-impact personalization strategy

2Deploying personalized messages across channels

3Identifying and leveraging appropriate media channels

4Optimizing team structure and resources to execute on personalization

5Aligning campaigns to customer needs and behaviors