Gartner Expert

Megan Bain

Director, Content Planning & Delivery

Megan Bain is a Director Analyst in the Cloud Decisions Research & Automation (CDRA) Team within the Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) group. Ms. Bain currently performs research in the Application Architecture and Platforms area.

Ms. Bain focuses on the detailed technical analysis of technical provider offerings via Solution Scorecards, Solution Comparisons and Solution Criteria research documents. She also supports Gartner Cloud Decisions, the online tool that helps cloud service buyers compare and make decisions related to the purchase and use of public cloud services.

Previous experience

Ms. Bain previously worked on maintaining the Gartner Competitive Profiles and Gartner Technology Planner tools, specifically in the storage and networking areas.

Professional background

Ideas International

Team Leader Storage & Networks

Areas of coverage

Application Architecture and Integration for Technical Professionals


Higher School Certificate (HSC), Oakhill College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Features and functionality of Microsoft Azure Applications

2Features and functionality of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

3Features and functionality of Kubernetes service offerings

4Features and functionality of Cloud API management service offerings

5Features and functionality of Low Code Application Platforms