Melanie Halbout

Director, Advisory

As a Director of Advisory, Melanie Halbout leads a team of advisors to translate data and analysis into actionable insights for Gartner L2's CPG sector. Working with top brands in the Food, Personal Care, Home Care, and Pet Care categories, Ms. Halbout counsels Gartner L2 members in realizing strengths and prioritizing opportunities across their digital performance. She has also published research on topics including Amazon and the Digital Organization.

Previous experience

As a Client Strategist at L2, Ms. Halbout extracted meaning and context from data sets to effectively visualize and present findings which drove strategy to meet client business objectives. In a Research capacity, she collected and analyzed data and synthesized and authored findings for L2's flagship Digital IQ Index, which assesses the digital performance of consumer brands. She later founded the Research Operations Department to standardize research and publication processes.

Professional background

L2 Inc.

Research, Research Operations, Client Strategy

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