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Mick MacComascaigh

VP Analyst

Mick MacComascaigh is a VP Analyst with Gartner covering web content management (WCM), digital experience platforms (DXP's) and strategies for customer experience (CX). Mr. MacComascaigh entered into information management during his time as a Research Fellow in the area of nuclear fusion, following which he dedicated much of his career helping clients in the roles of team lead, trainer, support engineer, technical architect and business development manager. He now applies this array of experience and expertise to helping clients with all phases of the solution life cycle required to develop the right digital strategy for their organizations. His research therefore not only focuses on the specific topics mentioned above, but also considers those technologies and best practices that pertain to the broader solution landscape on which such strategies should be based.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. MacComascaigh was responsible for business development and strategic ECM consulting for Central Europe and key clients.

Professional background


Business Development Manager


Principal Architect

IXOS (OpenText)

Senior Support Engineer/Trainer

Areas of coverage

CRM Strategy and Customer Experience


M.Phil. Experimental Physics, Nuclear Fusion, Euratom, JET, Oxford

B.S., Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, With Honors

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Ensuring business priorities and digital strategies are well-aligned

2Building the right solution architecture for an effective digital presence

3How to identify and achieve the right Digital Experience Platform