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Mike Burden

Principal Research Analyst

Mike Burden is a Principal Research Analyst in Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies and their impact in the workplace. Predominantly with a focus on HR service delivery through HR portal, case management self-service and core HR systems, Mr. Burden's key strengths are understanding and working through the people and operational challenges that transition to a new HCM technology (and the provision of a more digitized HR service) pose.

Mr. Burden has over 11 years of experience in the HR technology field within operational remits and also on larger transformation projects to design, deliver and support innovative HR solutions through technology.

Prior to joining Garner, Mr. Burden has supported HCM projects in supplier, client and project manager capacities for numerous world-class organizations.

Roles and responsibility

CHRO, Head of HR, Director of HRIT, HR Application Leaders

Previous experience

He managed portfolio of projects that focused on technologies that improved the delivery of HR services. Mr. Burden worked with Global HR Leaders to design and implement HR portals for the provision of effective Tier 0 HR services. He worked with HR Service Leads to design and deliver case management technology for the provision of Tier 1 HR services. He has also designed, prepared and presented global communication and education programs to champion new HR technologies in the workplace.

Professional background


Global HR Systems Project Manager

ICON Clinical Research

Senior HR Portal and MI Analyst

Direct Line Group

HR MI Manager

Areas of coverage

HCM Technology Transformation

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Things to consider when deploying an HCM solution as part of an HR transformation program

2Understanding the challenges that may impede successful HR solution delivery and adoption

3Developments in HR technology and how this has changed user expectations of applications

4HRSD vendor selection, comparison and implementation planning

5Corporate Learning vendor selection, comparison and implementation planning

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