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Mike Gilpin

Managing Vice President

Mike Gilpin is the Managing VP of the Software Engineering Strategy & Practices research team, comprised of analysts who do research on governing application and product portfolios, and on leading software engineering groups. His research focus is on helping application leaders with the key decisions and initiatives they must undertake due to digital transformation and other important shifts such as optimizing their Lean and Agile delivery approach or implementing the product-centric operating model. Mr. Gilpin also researches the important trends in leadership practices and culture that help to accelerate these transformations.

Previous experience

Most recently, Mr. Gilpin worked to transform the delivery approach at a digital agency, to employ a product-centric approach using Lean, Agile and DevOps practices. He has also recently worked to innovate the design and management of enterprise API portfolios.

Professional background


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Customer Officer

Forrester Research

VP, Global Council and Research Director for Application Delivery

Areas of coverage

Applications and Software Engineering Leaders

Software Engineering Technologies

Application and Product Portfolio Governance (retired)


B.A. in Physics from Rice University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Navigate digital transformation, specializing in connecting business strategy to digital experience, architecture and application strategy.

2Manage change, which has to be continuous in this dynamic world we live in. I know how to work the organizational and human dynamics to identify the best destination, and then take us there.

3Determine what mix of product-centric Lean and Agile practices they should employ to optimize their application delivery capability.

4Improve their ability to innovate in their software and other digital operations.

5Understand the still-vital role of technology innovation in reinventing business models. I'm always looking for ways to take what used to be impossible and make it what we do every day.