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Nick Wilcox

Director Analyst

Analyst Nick Wilcox covers software testing technologies, tools and processes. He utilizes his experience as an QA Engineer and Architect to help organizations understand testing, develop test strategies and gain a deeper understanding of software testing. His advisory approach is hands-on and mentoring, enabling clients to grow and guide themselves as their requirements change.

Nick has more than 15 years of experience in software testing and has worked in a variety industries as a test professional. He leverages his previous experiences and passion for quality assurance to address business, technology and cultural challenges in an organizations software testing efforts. As a test engineer, he is known for focusing on maintainability of the testing solutions and creating frameworks that enable quick implementation of new test cases.

Previous experience

Principal QA Engineering within the scope of full stack testing and leadership/mentoring.

Develop QA strategy for waterfall and agile development.

Professional background

InnovaSystems International, LLC

QA Engineer

SANS Instituite

QA Engineer

Sony Online Entertainment

QA Analyst

Areas of coverage

Software Development for Technical Professionals

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Introducing organizations to automated testing

2End to end testing automation tool selection

3Maturing QA strategies and roadmaps (tools, strategy and personnel considerations)

4Software testing for SOA/Microservices applications

5Reducing testing time and maintenance throughout the software development lifecycle