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Noah Rosenstein

Principal Analyst

Noah Rosenstein is a Principal Analyst with Gartner's CIO Research team. He focuses on how CIOs can position information and technology as a core part of the business strategy. Mr. Rosenstein helps CIOs apply Gartner's strategic planning frameworks to their unique business context and improve their personal contributions to the business strategy process. He enjoys helping CIOs find creative ways to communicate the I&T strategy to different audiences including the Board, senior executives and the IT organization.

Previous experience

In his previous role, Mr. Rosenstein advised CIOs and their teams on how to derive maximum business value by engaging Gartner's research and advisory services.

Professional background


Account Manager

Account Manager

Areas of coverage

CIO Leadership of Strategy, Governance and Operating Models

Executive Leadership: Enterprise Strategic Planning and Execution


B.A., With Honors, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Developing strategy and positioning information and technology in the business strategy

2Developing a strategy for information and technology when the business strategy is unclear or absent

3Communicating strategy to different stakeholder groups

4Transitioning to more adaptive approaches to strategic planning

5Establishing and managing the office of the CIO