Gartner Expert

Nolan Reilly

Principal, Quantitative Analytics and Data Science

Charles Nolan (Nolan) Reilly is an Analyst in Gartner, where he provides database support for the Semiconductor Forecast, Market Share and IoT Semiconductor Databases. He develops the scripting for internal and external data tools for the Semiconductor group. Mr. Reilly also creates statistics tables for reports and attends vendor briefings and conferences to gather knowledge of the markets.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Reilly helped maintain information systems in two rehabilitation firms. He also worked in manufacturing.

Mr. Reilly had training in script development and multimedia computing and has completed course work for computer science at West Valley College.

Professional background

Syncro Vac


Custom Products Development


Perez and Associates

Office Manager


Trained in script development and multimedia computing

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Technical issues and operation of pivot tables with Excel reports and tools

2Semiconductor group processes and database questions