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Ray Schafer

Research Director

Ray Schafer is a Research Director at Gartner for Technical Professionals Data Center Storage Servers team. Mr. Schafer's coverage area is storage software and the HA/DR space. Mr. Schafer has over 25 years of experience in IT working for firms such as IBM, Veritas, Symantec, The Kernel Group, and InQuinox. Mr. Schafer takes pride in being able to add value to our customers' IT teams by providing unique insight into their environments. He understands both the challenges in current environments and the different paths organizations could take to achieve their current and future goals in new and more efficient ways.

Roles and responsibility

CIO, Storage Architect, Backup and Recovery Technologists

Previous experience

Most recently, at Veritas, Ray worked as a Data Center Resiliency Architect. His role was to understand the needs of customers and present relevant Veritas Information Availability solutions to help customers increase data center resiliency and efficiency.

Previously, Ray founded InQuinox to solve some of the most intractable issues in backup and recovery. During his tenure at InQuinox, Ray provided the engineering skills for the first hardware platform (appliance) built specifically for Symantec NetBackup Deduplication software. Under the direction of Mr. Schafer, this appliance was able to surpass an industry milestone of 1 TB/min deduplication ingest rate with no changes to the deduplication software. At InQuinox, Ray also provided the initial concepts for SanXfer, a software product designed to migrate local disk booting systems into the Storage Area Network, and to provide hardware migration capabilities without having to move data.

Prior to InQuinox, Ray worked at Symantec as a Technical Product Manager for NetBackup where Ray analyzed customer requirements to help define product direction; created white papers, datasheets, and presentations; presented at numerous conferences; and engaged in C-level customer discussions concerning current and future product capabilities.

In the role of Senior Principal System Engineer with the Field Technology Group in the Data Protection Division of Symantec/Veritas, Ray provided the expertise for the initial proof of concepts and customer evaluations and support of Bare Metal Restore (BMR). Veritas acquired The Kernel Group (TKG) in December 2001 for the BMR technology that Ray co-invented. At TKG, Ray contributed significantly to the software development of BMR and wrote the initial education material for Bare Metal Restore.

Prior to TKG, Ray worked at IBM Advanced Workstation Division in the AIX Base Device Drivers development team for Storage Software.

Professional background

Veritas Technologies

Data Center Resiliency Architect


Chief Technology Officer


Senior Principal Technical Product Manager

Areas of coverage

New Market Opportunities

Shift On-Premises Offerings to Cloud-Based SaaS (retired)

Succeeding With Semiconductor-Based Technology (retired)

Data Center Infrastructure

Business Continuity Management Program (retired)


Mr. Schafer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B. A. degree in Microbiology.

After graduation, he studied in the Microbiology Department at UT Austin toward a Ph.D. in fungal genetics and co-authored scientific papers on the parasexual genetic analysis of Wangiella dermatitidis.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Backup, archive, recovery

2Disaster recovery


4Application recovery orchestration

5High availability