Gartner Expert

Renate Hassek

Client Director

Renate Hassek is part of Gartner's Global Technology Sales Team with focus on banking and retail industries. Above that her areas of expertise are CIO leadership, organizational development, organizational change and culture. She is helping CIOs adapt and change behaviors in order to support major transformational programs through a focus on leadership behavior, organizational culture, diversity initiatives and organizational change. Renate Hassek has a strong focus on how to enhance the potentials of individuals, teams and the organizations to fulfilling organization purpose.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mrs. Hassek is looking back on a history of experience in large enterprises having faced the deficiencies of current organizational structures and management concepts. She is intrigued with the unique qualities of each person and passionate on new organizational concepts and figuring out how people can work together productively.

She is an economist by studies with a strong focus on new organizational concepts bringing analogies from complexity and chaos theory into practical advice. She has shared her theories in her lectures at Donau University Krems and still is in her work as coach.

Years of Experience

5 years in total with Gartner

25 years in IT industry

10 years in Banking, Finance and Insurance industry

6 years in Manufacturing industry

5 years in Retail industry

Professional Background

Director, Retention and Growth, 5 years

Manager Sales, Fujitsu, SAP and Microsoft, 11 years

Founder and MD, daa Consult, 5 years

Industry Expertise

Primary Industry: Banking and Finance%7C Expertise Level: Expert

- Subsectors:

a. Banking

b. Insurance

Secondary Industry 2: Manufacturing %7C Expertise Level: Specialist

- Subsectors:

a. Automotive

b. Industrial

Secondary Industry 3: Retail %7C Expertise Level: Contributor

- Subsectors:

a. Convenience

b. Department

c. Clothing


Mag. International Economics, University of Vienna

Master Organization, Leadership and Communication, Donau University of Krems

Coach and Lifestyle Trainer, Vital Academy Vienna

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