Gartner Expert

Reuben Harwood

Sr Principal, Research

As a Research Consultant, Reuben Harwood helps Regional Heads of HR in Asia execute critical business objectives through the application of evidence-based HR and talent management practices.

Mr. Harwood develops strategic research and implementation tools that address HR executives' most pressing challenges, also supporting advisors on delivery of research to clients and their teams. His areas of expertise include digital transformation, corporate culture and change management, leadership effectiveness, and driving innovation.

Roles and responsibility

Head of HR, Asia

Regional HR Director, Asia

Vice President HR (VP HR), Asia

Head of Learning and Development (L&D), Asia

HR Business Partner (HRBP)

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner and the acquired company, CEB, Mr. Harwood worked in healthcare research, primarily in the fields of cancer, genetics and immunology, where he obtained his Ph.D. and Master's degree. He currently resides in Singapore.

Mr. Harwood carried out leading-edge research in oncology, immunology and genetics using a wide range of research techniques, including:

Collaboration with clinicians and patients to obtain and analyze clinical samples.

Use of animal models, cell cultures and 3D in vitro culture models.

Big data mining of gene expression data (microarray).

Professional background

Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Ph.D. Student


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Cancer Immunology, University of Sheffield

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Improving regional HR function effectiveness

2Digital transformation

3Managing change and corporate culture

4Developing and engaging leaders, managers and HIPOs

5Attracting and recruiting talent