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Rick Greenwald

Sr Director Analyst

Rick Greenwald is a data management expert in GITL and covers a number of areas, including operational database issues, data warehousing, high availability, data integration, database migration and cloud databases.

Mr. Greenwald has published research on deploying databases in the cloud. cloud pricing models, the use of data lakes and data warehouses together, and has spoken at more than a dozen Gartner Data and Analytics Summits.

Previous experience

Previously, he was at Oracle for 15 years in a variety of positions, including product management, competitive intelligence and product marketing. Most recently, he was director of product management for Oracle's database cloud initiatives for three years. He was also in partner enablement for database, competitive intelligence and product marketing.

Mr. Greenwald has more than 30 years in the IT field, including stints at (now Salesforce), Gupta Technologies, Cognos and Data General, among others. He is also the principal author of 19 books, most centering on database technology, including five editions of Oracle Essentials from O'Reilly and Associates, Professional Oracle Programming from Wrox, and the first book published on Oracle's Exadata system.

Professional background


Director of Product Management


Platform Evangelist

Gupta Technologies

Senior Director, Integration Projects

Areas of coverage

Cloud Computing (retired)

Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions for Technical Professionals


Bachelor of General Studies, University of Michigan, (Graduated with high distinction)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1When should I deploy a database in the cloud?

2What does a modern analytic DBMS platform look like?

3What are the differences between cloud pricing models?

4How does the eventual consistency model differ from traditional ACID-based consistency?

5How can I use data lakes and data warehouses together?