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Ridwaan Bardien

Executive Partner

Ridwaan Bardien started out in various roles in Information Technology from Senior Business Analyst, Management Consultant and executive roles such as Chief Information Officer.

He is a result-orientated technology industry thought leader, having pioneered and managed complex technology and business solutions. He has the ability to leverage over 30 years of experience in multiple industries to drive business development with a strong focus on using the lean-startup methodology. He has worked in engineering, financial services, logistics and healthcare. His M.B.A. dissertation was based on the formulation and implementation of a digital strategy using Gartner's Renovating the IT Core methodology.

His mission is to assist and partner with Gartner members by providing advisory and vision via decisive and insightful executive leadership.

Previous experience

Mr. Bardien in his previous job undertook the below mentioned tasks:

- Establishing the company's information technology vision.

- Implementing the IT strategy and vision.

- Implementing IT governance.

- Responsible for IT financials.

- Engaging with fleet management to implement technology initiatives.

- Engaging with operations to implement technology initiatives.

- Identifying and assessing IT risks.

- Aligning operations with technical vision.

- Leading the execution of technology strategy.

- Responsible for opex budgets of R100 million and capex budget of R30 million.

Professional background

South African National Blood Services

Chief Information Officer

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