Gartner Expert

Stefan Van Der Zijden

VP Analyst

Stefan Van Der Zijden's research focuses on Application Portfolio Management (APM), Modernization, Cloud Migration, Rationalization, and Decommissioning.

Mr. Van Der Zijden has 35 years of experience in IT covering various platforms, methods and tools, from mainframe to mobile. The different roles, settings, assignments and experiences enable him to easily combine knowledge and context to gain oversight and create business value. His technical competencies, knowledge of industry processes and leadership ability make him equally at ease with technical issues as with strategy.

Previous experience

Mr. Van Der Zijden started his career at Capgemini working for 15 years in various development and management roles. After Capgemini, he worked for various IT service providers and end-user organizations in technology leadership and architect positions. The majority of these roles included the turnaround, maturing and growing of the application and service organization.

Mr. Van Der Zijden has been responsible for software product management, application development, implementation services, consultancy, and IT services. He has worked at SMEs as well as multinationals. His work with IT service providers and software product development was focused on professionalizing the organization and improving daily operations. In addition, Mr. Van Der Zijden has experience with investments and M&As, especially in conducting due diligence and audits on IT products and IT service organizations.

Professional background

Eperium Business Solutions

Operational Director

Wolters Kluwer - Global Shared Services

Enterprise Architect



Areas of coverage

Applications and Software Engineering Leaders

Software Engineering Technologies

Software Engineering Practices

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Application Portfolio Management

2Application Modernization

3Application Rationalization

4Application Strategy and Lifecycle Management

5Mainframe Application Modernization