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Susanne Matson

Sr Principal Analyst

Susanne Matson is a Principal Analyst at Gartner. Her focus includes global service providers in the application service markets, in particular application testing service providers. Her research coverage include service provider evaluation, market trends and competitive landscapes. Her research topics include the impact of intelligent automation on testing services, application testing service providers using agile and DevOps methods as well as increased usage of quality engineering. Additional coverage includes the European IT services market with responsibility for the implementation forecast in Western Europe.

Before joining the global services team, Ms. Matson worked as a Knowledge Specialist for the Gartner Research Engagement Services department, concentrating on services and sourcing in Europe.

Previous experience

Prior to working for Gartner, Ms. Matson was employed at Insight Enterprises as a purchaser in its procurement department, specializing in the hardware area, including servers, notebooks and printers.

Professional background

Insight Enterprises


Areas of coverage

Product Strategy and Launch for Tech CEOs

Product Planning

Product Development

IT Services and Solutions

Technology Market Essentials

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Key trends impacting the application testing services market

2Application testing service competitive landscape

3Application testing service provider evaluation and selection

4How end-users can best utilize the providers in application testing services

5General implementation service market and trends