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Terilyn Palanca

Sr Director Analyst

In her role as Research Director within the Infrastructure Software team at Gartner, Terilyn Palanca has the charter to look broadly across the information infrastructure software marketplace - big data, DBMS, data integration and data quality. Looking broadly allows Ms. Palanca to find fast-moving and disruptive trends that can impact multiple data- and information-management software markets, and identify market factors such as convergence, consolidation, growth, slowdowns, or changes in competitive landscapes due to emerging trends. Ms. Palanca's broad charter allows her to speak with enterprise buyers, data/information management product and service providers, and investors worldwide about topical data management issues and market movements. Lately, Ms. Palanca has been following information infrastructure software trends such as in-memory advances to support both analytic and transactional applications and processing, hybridization of NoSQL DBMSs into multi-model-capable engines, the growing impact of open-source DBMSs in the market, the rise of interest and investment in data quality, the increased interest and vendor support for Spark, and the continuing evolution and use of Hadoop as a locus for data analysis. Although Ms. Palanca is often looking at emerging technologies, many of the trends that she follows come from looking at disruptive forces affecting information infrastructure software markets. This role allows Ms. Palanca to help information infrastructure software vendors plan future investments that are aligned to the market direction, DBMS and Data Integration/Data Quality Tools buyers to understand how emerging trends can impact their information infrastructure programs or budgets, and investors understand global growth opportunities for data/information management software markets.

Roles and responsibility

Product managers, product marketing managers, market and competitive intelligence managers, strategic planners, CIOs, data management leads in end-user clients

Previous experience

Ms. Palanca has been focused throughout her career on data management, with experience ranging from working in IT as a DBA to selling, marketing, managing, and researching DBMS and data integration technology products at top-tier vendors and research organizations.

Professional background


Presales Manager, Product Manager, Director of Competitive Intelligence


Senior Director, Product Management and Strategic Marketing

Giga Information Group

Research Director

Areas of coverage

Go-to-Market Planning

Positioning and Messaging

New Market Opportunities

Market & Competitive Intelligence Management

Product Strategy (retired)


M.B.A., specialization in Information Systems Management, Rutgers University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1DBMS and DI/DQ Vendors - Go-to-market planning, product review, comp landscape, service expansion, market forecast

2DBMS and DI/DQ Vendors - Aquisition, partnering, and ecosystem planning for forward looking trend

3DBMS, DI/DQ, Big Data investors - market forecast and shares, emerging data management technologies and trends, major information infrastructure market disruption

4Enterprise Information Infrastructure (DBMS, DW, Big Data, DI/DQ) Buyers - key data management and integration trends for forward planning

5Enterprise Information Infrastructure (DBMS, DW, Big Data, DI/DQ) Buyers - product/vendor selection, comparison between products, vendor and market shares and forecasts.