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Traci S Croft

Director, Advisory

Traci Croft is Director, Advisory in Gartner's marketing and communications practice concentrating on an important consumer demographic cohort: Millennials. Combined with career-long curiosity for consumer behavior across categories and direct engagement with some of the world's best brands, Ms. Croft is able to cover broad strategic and conceptual topics, effectively challenge brand assumptions, and provide action-oriented solutions.

Previous experience

Before joining Iconoculture in 2011 (then acquired by CEB, then acquired by Gartner), Ms. Croft was an advertising, marketing and consulting professional: the trifecta! She executed campaigns and product launches while at J. Walter Thompson; impacted long-term product innovation plans and brand strategies while at Ford Motor Co.; and created short-term marketing programs and tactics while at Sony Electronics. She has been a panelist and moderator at SXSW and a guest instructor at College for Creative Studies' M.F.A. program.

Professional background

Sony Electronics

Senior Marketing Manager

Social Technologies


Ford Motor Co.

Global Marketing Manager

Areas of coverage

Content Marketing and Management

Branding and Value Proposition (retired)

Consumers and Culture (retired)


B.A., Michigan State University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Better understand their consumer target and journey.

2Keep up with the pace of change across sectors and within society and culture.

3Stay ahead of meaningful consumer shifts and trends.