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Zain Husain

Assoc Principal Analyst

Zain is a Associate Principal Analyst for Logistics and customer fulfillment. Based in India.

He brings 7 years Supply chain and Logistics Operations and Innovation projects experience across Global brands like LG Electronics and Kohler.

I will covering below topics :

Logistics and Warehouse Performance

Logistics and Warehouse Metrics

Previous experience

Supply Chain & Logistics Executive with work experience of 6 years in below heads:

- Warehouse Operations and Projects

- Warehouse and Logistics Metrics

- Inventory Management

- Warehouse Quality management

- Warehouse Layout Designing

- Factory Logistics Operations

- Warehousing and Logistics Operations

- Business Process Improvement

- Supply Chain Innovation

Projects :

- Operations Management

- Warehouse Cost reduction

- Warehouse Layout Re-designing

- Warehouse Quality Improvement

- Lead time Reduction

- Business Process Improvement

- Supply Network Optimization

Professional background

LG Electronics

Supply Chain Innovation team


Regional Operations Manager

Areas of coverage

Logistics and Fulfillment


Masters Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, COMES

Dehradun, India

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do I improve visibility in my operations and the wider supply chain?

2How to Improve Performance & find Improvement areas in Logistics and Warehousing.

3What metrics and KPIs should we use to measure and report functional performance?

4How to Improve Warehouse productivity & capacity.

5How can I attract , identify and retain Millennials in Logistics.