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Next-level finance operations

How can finance functions be faster and do more with less?

On average, finance is the third-slowest operating corporate function behind legal and IT. Seventy-three percent of finance functions face pressure to speed up. As request volume skyrockets and budgets stay flat or are reduced, finance leaders tell us they are looking for new approaches to finance operational efficiency to meet growing business needs.

73% of respondents in finance face pressure to speed up. Finance is currently the third slowest, after legal and information technology.
We realized that a full-service approach was neither sustainable nor ideal. We had to make some tough choices and start differentiating our service levels — a major change for many of our partners who had become highly dependent on our support.

VP of Finance

Financial Services Firm

Improve the finance function

To drive growth, you need the capacity to help the business make financially sound decisions. Successful CFOs evolve their finance strategy, structure and workforce decisions as a part of finance transformation, often considering how emerging technology can alleviate constraints. Take the first step by understanding how your function compares to those of your peers.

81% of companies have experienced a major reorganization in the past 12 months.

Insights you can use

Gartner’s finance operational efficiency benchmarking helps our clients assess the current state of their functions, as well as head count, cost and process metrics.

Get faster in finance where it matters most

Digital disruptions will displace 40% of industry incumbents within five years. To support growth, finance must speed up its service delivery. Achieve finance operational efficiency by understanding the 10 slowest finance activities and three keys to a faster finance function.

How to redesign finance structure and roles

Most organizations are undergoing redesign, raising many questions: How do I successfully structure my organizations to support growth? What steps should I take to redesign my function for financial operational efficiency? Should we use a COE or other model to deliver our services? Find the answers here.

Shared services strategy and structure

New threats and opportunities are forcing shared services leaders to rethink and realign the organizational strategy and structure. Determine how to advance your organization’s maturity and drive finance operational efficiency amid change by assessing these five key trends and best practices.

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Special Report: The New Digital Workforce

Download this CFO Magazine special report featuring Gartner insights to learn about:

  • How a top financial services company successfully piloted finance robotics
  • The average costs of finance robotics
  • Use cases for finance robotics
  • The future state of finance robotics
Robotic process automation technology usually costs one-third the amount of an offshore employee and one-fifth of an onshore employee.

Gartner Finance Webinars

Make better, faster decisions with expert insights and strategies for building the finance function of the future. 

You opened our eyes to the full potential of the shared services function, and then helped us take action to stand up new capabilities.

Paul Vancheri

Head of Global Shared Services, D+H
Case Study

How does Gartner drive finance operational efficiency?

See how we helped D+H architect and launch a shared services function and drive finance operational efficiency by leveraging best practice and proven decision support.

Meet Gartner’s experts in finance operational efficiency

Gartner’s finance experts include more than 35 associates worldwide. Meet a few of our leaders. 

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Senior Principal, Advisory

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Director, Advisory

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VP Analyst

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Managing VP

Gartner’s finance experts are trusted advisors and an objective resource for over 1,750 finance organizations.

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