Are You Prepared for an Upswing or Downturn?

How to maximize the CFO role in good times and bad

Whether your organization missed, met or exceeded expectations, CFOs and finance leaders must continually make smart decisions to propel the organization forward in today’s competitive and uncertain landscape.

How do we reclaim market share lost to new and innovative competitors?

When new competition threatens profits, CFOs must re-examine customer profitability, investment in innovation, and cost optimization strategies. The most successful companies excel at flexible funding — easily and quickly ramping resources up or down for investment opportunities. But how? Learn the two tactics of companies with the strongest growth investment returns.

How do we recover from missing our analysts’ expectations for the quarter?

Missing expectations puts a spotlight on finance to cut costs. But doing so may cause more harm than good. Discover how to find the root causes of financial performance issues and partner more closely with the business to rethink decisions.

How do we bounce back from several periods of flat or declining revenue?

When a downturn happens, many leadership teams crumble under the pressure to make decisions quickly. It’s crucial for the CFO to stay one step ahead of the business when it comes to sensing a recession, responding, and leading the recovery effort. Examine the leadership role CFOs must play in business cycle management.

How do we lead in a high-growth environment?

Finance plays a key role in ensuring a healthy balance of ambition and reality in any circumstance. As the business grows, CFOs can make costly mistakes. The business must keep costs in check and deal with increasing complexity. If your company has experienced several quarters of significant top-line growth, setting stretch targets is a proven method for driving innovation. Explore detailed steps and case studies for determining when, where and how much to stretch your business leaders.

It doesn’t end here

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