Creating Value Through Times of Change

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Every finance leader experiences major change. What differentiates top performing finance leaders is how they turn these events into legacy-defining moments. Below are some high-risk, high-impact events our CFO clients face, along with complimentary resources to help you get started on the right path.

Mergers and acquisitions

The CFO is involved in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), from deal identification and selection to planning, execution and integration tracking. Our playbook outlines a step-by-step M&A project plan for the CFO.


After announcing a divestiture, the CFO must quickly and correctly determine how to structure G&A and finance staffing and spending at a smaller organization. Our guidebook is your one-stop shop for setting up a comprehensive and efficient G&A metrics program.

Restructuring the organization

When an organization undergoes a layoff, hiring freeze or restructuring, the CFO must keep high-potential (HIPO) employees engaged. Read a best-practice case study on how a top financial services company innovated on career development to boost HIPO satisfaction.

Entering international markets

Expanding into a new region can cause changes to finance structure, from front office to back. Our research examines how organizations change finance staff and spend levels, reporting lines and centralization.

New corporate headquarters location

With any major move, the top priority is finding new talent. See how this large transportation services company improved return on its hiring investments by screening candidates for influence skills.

It doesn’t end here.

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