Recruiting Built for New Industry Growth

A large utilities company was making a massive shift to become a producer of clean energy to build a sustainable business model for future growth. Using Gartner insights and advisory, the head of talent solutions transformed the talent acquisition strategy to meet new business demands.

Mission-critical priority

The head of talent solutions needed a better talent acquisition model and strategy to support the organization's rapidly changing skill needs and increasing hiring volume.

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped measure the current effectiveness of recruiting by creating a holistic picture of the function’s maturity, strengths and gaps to develop a roadmap for change. With Gartner advisor support, the client secured organizational buy-in to launch. Leveraging Gartner insights, the client restructured employee brand messaging to attract critical niche skills and created a robust shared responsibility hiring engine tailored to meeting growth goals.

Business impact

With support from Gartner, the head of talent solutions: 

  • Identified recruiting barriers hindering organizational shift and generated urgency and buy-in for change.
  • Strengthened employer brand in a hypercompetitive labor market that resulted in a 16% increase in Ph.D. hires and a 35% surge in M.B.A. hires
  • Created a robust shared responsibility hiring engine that resulted in double the offers with 50% fewer interviews

Energy & Utilities

Approx. $13 Billion


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