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Despite sound strategies,
execution challenges persist

Fewer than half of diversity and inclusion leaders (D&I) are confident in their ability to engage senior leaders, and only 15% think HRBPs prioritize D&I. Without ownership of the entire execution process, D&I leaders' strategic plans have limits, which leads to questions about D&I progress. 

“We have pockets of success; some of our leaders really get it. But we’re still figuring out accountability, and I’m wondering how to reach the group we’ve missed so far.”

Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Insurance Organization

How we address your top challenges

Diversity and inclusion leaders face unique challenges and opportunities. We provide the information you need to scale initiatives and drive change throughout your organization. Our trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools can help you:

Engage key D&I stakeholders

Diversity and inclusion goals can't be met without help from senior leaders, heads of HR, HRBPs, recruiting, and learning and development. Take a multifaceted approach to accountability by including a variety of influential parties to guide change. 

Define and communicate metrics and objectives

Creating clear and consumable D&I metrics is challenging, but without them, D&I  leaders struggle to define objectives and demonstrate progress. Understand what drives behavior change at your organization, and focus on a specific set of metrics that you can continuously monitor. Sharing key metrics with the business has a greater impact than keeping data within HR.

Approach accountability by level

Establish an organizationwide commitment to D&I through authentic senior leader commitment and communications, but advance the organization by coming at objectives from a variety of angles.  Hold leaders, managers, HR, and employee-led D&I  leaders accountable for outcomes, and reinforce positive behaviors.

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