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A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their experience. Organizations are making significant investments in efforts to improve employee experience, such as onboarding investments and workplace redesign. Although these investments incrementally improve employee satisfaction and employee engagement, the cost to continue to meet employees' ever-growing expectations is unsustainable.

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    Maximize ROI by shaping how the employee experience feels

    Gartner customer experience research finds that two-thirds of the drivers of customer satisfaction are due to "feel factors," or how customers feel during and about their experience. HR leaders should take this same approach to employee experience, focusing on influencing and improving employees' feelings about their overall experience through the use of psychological, motivational and social principles. Improving the way the experience feels can lead to a boost in employee engagement and support a positive company culture. 

    Shaping has a greater impact on employees' experience. Organizations that effectively apply this approach can achieve these impacts on employees: 31% more likely to report high intent to stay, 35% more likely to report high discretionary effort, 47% more likely to be high performers.

    Employee experience insights you can use

    Gartner research helps CHROs and the HR team create and execute a holistic employee experience strategy that boosts employee engagement, reduces employee turnover, helps secure top talent, and supports business outcomes.

    Identify and Manage the Moments That Matter to Employees

    Emotions matter. In this deep dive we discuss the characteristics of the - largely emotional - moments that matter most to the global workforce and introduce strategies organizations can use to assess those that matter most to their own workforce to create a more positive employee experience. 

    Build Internal Partnerships to Improve the Employee Experience

    The most effective HR leaders are evolving their existing internal stakeholder relationships and establishing new ones with the aim of improving employee experience. This report helps CHROs identify and prioritize the most valuable internal stakeholder partnerships to help build a great employee experience. 

    Impact Employee Experience by Digitalizing HR

    Learn how leading organizations are taking advantage of digitalization to improve the employee experience and drive employee performance while paving the way for a more digital workplace. 

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