Employee Retention Strategy

Improve employee retention strategy to drive organizational success

Employee retention strategy insights

HR leaders and their teams must consider how to effectively prioritize their employee experience strategy to help increase employee retention figures. HR teams have many factors to contend with, including balancing cost optimization efforts and curating an inclusive and resilient employee experience.

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Improve employee engagement and retention through stay conversations

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    Build a resilient employee retention strategy

    HR leaders and their teams can help to drive success by focusing on sustaining employee engagement and retention. HR teams should consider how both internal and external factors can influence employee retention figures and how they can use moments that really matter to employees to create meaningful experiences.

    Importance of Employee Experience Factors in Driving Employee Retention.

    Employee retention strategy insights you can use

    Gartner's employee retention insights, advice, data and tools help HR to drive down attrition and improve the employee experience across the entire organization.

    Managing Employee Retention Through Uncertain Times

    Gartner has identified four key strategies to optimize employee retention. Download the article to build a solid strategy with key insight and data.

    Engagement Tactics for Underrepresented Employees

    Diversity and inclusion ranked as the top talent priority for global CEOs. Gartner can help you to reevaluate your D&I strategy and how to best engage underrepresented employees across every talent segment.

    Use Stay Conversations to Improve Engagement and Retention

    On average, each departing employee costs an organization $18,591. Gartner can help with driving these costs down through strategies to increase employee engagement and the intent to stay with semistructured stay conversations.

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    Employee retention strategy case studies

    Supporting HR Function Transformation and Improved Employee Experience

    Anne Cooper, SVP & CHRO at Sammons Financial Group, shares how Gartner for HR Leaders helped develop an HR transformation plan that was endorsed by the board and senior leadership team, transforming HR to a progressive function driving business outcomes through an improved employee experience.

    We've received a lot of guidance [from Gartner] in generating cost efficiencies, talent attraction and reducing turnover of employees. Gartner's analyses of market trends, global trends and human resources innovation have helped us and will continue to help us to understand the changes that are coming so we can anticipate them.

    Enrique Medina

    Strategy & Organizational Development Director, BBVA

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    Join your peer CHROs and HR leaders from leading organizations to discuss specific HR challenges and learn about top HR trends, insights and priorities.

    Gartner's 170+ HR experts are trusted advisors and objective resources for over 4,000 senior HR leaders.

    Our experts can equip you with labor market data, HR function benchmarks, best practices and tools that are relevant to your organization, accelerate speed to execution, and ensure decision quality.