Rethink Your Location Strategy

How HR can make critical location decisions

Build a Talent-First Location Strategy

As more organizations consider permanent remote work policies, CFOs are thinking through the real estate and cost implications. In fact, 72% of CFOs anticipate that the corporate real estate footprint will decrease over the next two years. 

HR leaders should ensure that location strategy considerations go beyond real estate, corporate taxes and government incentives, partnering with the business to build a location strategy that considers current and future talent needs.

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Learn five actions HR can take to support location strategy.

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    Without TalentNeuron, we guess a lot. With TalentNeuron, pretty much you articulate the ask. You work with them to understand the specific profiles you are after and together, as a partnership, we can introduce an answer that we have very high confidence in.

    Director of Talent Intelligence Analytics, Semiconductor Company

    Location Strategy Must Drive Long-Term Business Resilience

    The accelerating trend toward remote work is motivating many organizations to rethink their location strategy. Gartner can support HR on remote work and the hybrid workforce model to make better decisions about where they source and place talent in the new work environment.

    Insights you can use

    Gartner location strategy insights, advice, data and tools help HR make critical decisions that will support the organization.

    Location Strategy for a Hybrid Workforce

    Is your organization rethinking its location strategy? Take a talent-first approach with these five actions.

    Unlock Effective Diversity Hiring With Location Data

    Develop a better understanding of how location data on specific roles can guide your diversity hiring strategy.

    Drive Competitive Advantage With an Agile Location Strategy

    Assess the talent landscape to make competitive location strategy decisions. Identify in-demand skills and where to find them, and drive executive buy-in for informed location decisions while keeping strategic sourcing in mind.

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    How does Gartner support location strategy creation?

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