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Insight for talent development leaders

Metrics That Matter™ is the world's leading learning analytics system, providing talent development leaders with key data about the quality and impact of their programs. By combining a web-based evaluation approach with predictive analytic tools, Metrics That Matter provides organizations with insights on how to measure and improve their talent development programs.

How we address your top challenges

As a web-based system, Metrics That Matter makes the evaluation process extremely efficient, allowing L&D professionals to minimize administrative activities while optimizing insights about workforce learning investments and how they are meeting business needs.

The talent development function is behind

The C-suite expects business unit leaders to measure, monitor and manage their organizations. Seventy-five percent of CEOs believe information about return on human capital investments is essential. Yet only 25% of those leaders receive the information they need. 

Even line leaders perceive a problem. Eighty-two percent believe that L&D does not effectively communicate the impact of the whole learning portfolio. There is a disconnect with the perception of how L&D impacts business outcomes.

Our system helps L&D drive employee performance

The Metrics That Matter system is a robust, proven software-as-a-service tool that evaluates and improves the effectiveness of a company’s learning portfolio at driving employee performance. Each Metrics That Matter engagement begins with a targeted health check of learning program effectiveness, which involves establishing critical metrics, benchmarking learning impact and communicating ROI to the business.

Following this initial health check, Metrics That Matter continuously measures L&D programs, compares them to benchmarks, optimizes learning investments and communicates ROI to the business on an ongoing basis.

Additional components address information and business needs

In addition to the core evaluation capabilities of the Metrics That Matter system, the following additional components address information and business needs:   

  • Reporting: Monitor data from learning programs at every level in real time.
  • 360°/multirater: Identify skills gaps and build competencies.
  • Conference: Improve the quality and impact of multitrack events.
  • Dashboard: Monitor performance holistically with data from multiple sources.
  • Executive reporting: Communicate the impact of talent development on business outcomes.
  • Learning evaluation: Improve the effectiveness of learning programs.
  • Social learning: Optimize the value of blended programs and on-the-job learning platforms.
  • Testing: Quantify knowledge gain and certify capabilities.

Our team helps implement talent measurement strategies

The Metrics That Matter professional services team helps your organization implement practical talent measurement strategies to enable faster, more accurate, data-driven decision making, through measurement strategy, impact studies, data analysis, KPIs and dashboards, capability development and instrument design.

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