Gartner Talent IQ

A comprehensive analysis to help you attract tech talent and support organization growth

Assess your tech talent attraction strategy

Gartner Talent IQ benchmarks your tech talent attraction strategy against key talent segment competitors using publicly available data to measure:

  • Employment branding. Are you leveraging marketing techniques to create a positive brand for potential candidates?
  • Job offer competitiveness. Are you developing the most compelling and competitive job requisitions?
  • Candidate experience. Are you delivering a positive overall job candidate experience?
Visual representation of the TalentIQ index
My CEO is constantly in my office asking me to fill our open technology roles, as they are critical to our strategic plan.


Fortune 500

Key benefits for CHROs

  • Prioritize highest impact areas for fast improvement.
  • Secure additional investment to compete for talent.
  • Understand your talent competitors’ attraction strategies.
  • Increase diversity and inclusion.
CHROs are focused on attracting IT talent. Three in four heads of HR report they are taking steps to recruit employees with specialized technical skills such as coding and data analytics.

What you get

Performance Analysis

A ranked score across the three dimensions of tech talent attraction, along with a comprehensive performance analysis on nine key attributes

Competitive Benchmarking

Customized performance benchmarking of your tech talent attraction relative to your talent competitors and your sector’s index average

Actionable Recommendations

Providing actionable insights to inform strategic objectives and capital allocation

What the top tech hiring companies do

Gartner Talent IQ Index

Gartner has ranked 200 of the top U.S. technology hires by volume for the effectiveness of their technology talent attraction practices. 

The index is now available.