Customer Success Stories

Learn how companies use TalentNeuron to support their mission-critical priorities. With TalentNeuron, you’ll gain global talent, location and competitive insights to drive strategic business decisions in the digital age.

How do we help you inform location decisions?

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Infosys | Rohit Sharma, AVP, Talent Acquisition 

AVP, Head of Talent Acquisition for Infosys shares how Gartner TalentNeuron helped him identify the best locations to set up innovation hubs, taking into account talent availability, cost and potential for expansion.

How do we help you fill niche roles?

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Pitney Bowes | Amy Richman, VP, Talent Acquisition 

Pitney Bowes' VP of Talent Acquisition shares how TalentNeuron strengthened their recruitment strategy for niche roles.

How do we support your future workforce strategy?

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Qualcomm | Ram Vadivelu, Sr. Director, Talent & Workforce Analysis

Qualcomm's senior director shares how TalentNeuron helped accurately identify emerging skills to solidify talent strategy and how they rely on TalentNeuron's robust analytics and tools to drive decisions.

How do we accelerate your geographic growth?

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Intel | Hai Harari, Director of Talent Intelligence Analytics

Learn how Intel determined where to open their next hub by leveraging TalentNeuron's data to better understand the labor market, compare various site options and build a data-supported business case for leaders.

What makes using our data unique?

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Our robust data is pulled from 65,000 global sources, triangulated, and driven by 130+ data scientists in order to provide trusted and actionable insights. Learn more about how our clients draw value from TalentNeuron data and advisors.

Before TalentNeuron, we didn’t have a seat at the table. By leveraging the data, we’ve become a stronger value-added partner to the business. We’re strong as a company because we’re making the right decisions.
VP of Talent Acquisition, U.S. Enterprise Software Company