Disrupting the Customer Service Industry


TechSee sought to disrupt the customer service industry with a transformative visual engagement technology. Gartner experts and research provided the client with the essential strategic insights they needed to create differentiated messaging, properly position their company in the market, develop a go-to-market strategy and demonstrate the need for computer vision AI.

Critical priority

TechSee wanted to educate the market on the need for computer vision AI and transform the customer service industry. 

How Gartner helped

The strategic insights Gartner provided helped the startup develop a go-to-market strategy and deliver a new transformative concept to the contact centers and field services market.

By leveraging Gartner expert advice, the client was able to determine the best product-market fit, differentiate their messaging and stay ahead of competition. 

Business Impact

With Gartner support, the client: 

  • Achieved true differentiation and became a thought leader in the customer service industry. 
  • Optimized their website and increased lead generation through effective storytelling.
  • Developed the right pricing models and effectively positioned their technology in the market.
  • Successfully defined their account-based marketing (ABM) programs.

Computer software

Approximately 80

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Gartner has been a major help to us anytime we were standing at a crossroads and taking strategic decisions.

Liad Churchill

VP, Product Marketing, TechSee

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