Redefining Value Proposition to Accelerate Sales

LifeWIRE provides a cloud-based communication platform that allows patients and providers to have an ongoing dialogue on an automated, remote basis. The client wanted to better align its messaging to the industry to provide buyers with a better understanding of product offerings. Gartner provided the insights needed to better articulate LifeWIRE’s value proposition and ultimately fulfill a critical need during COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission-critical priority

LifeWIRE wanted to better understand how digital health and patient engagement was referenced in the marketplace to develop the right messaging, successfully attract and engage buyers, and improve its customer acquisition and retention process.

How Gartner helped

Gartner insights and analysts provided LifeWIRE with the market intelligence needed to adjust its messaging and deepen its value proposition for different buyers and industries.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, LifeWIRE was better able to communicate how it could help solve a critical challenge and worked to implement a statewide solution to alleviate the healthcare crisis. 

Mission accomplished

With Gartner insight, LifeWIRE: 

  • Significantly shortened its sales cycle and improved its customer acquisition and retention process
  • Developed a deeper understanding of its value proposition and clear articulation of the business outcomes that its products and services enable
  • Built a roadmap to implement a statewide solution that will serve as a proof of concept for potential roll-out across additional states



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Howard Rosen, Founder & CEO

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Gartner’s insight and feedback helped dramatically in providing a much clearer picture and articulation of what we provide.

Howard Rosen

Founder & CEO, LifeWIRE

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